Raising Cain.jpg


Haven Hollow #17

(Spook Society)

My name is Darla Rowe… well, it used to be Darla Fenton before Wanda’s magic went haywire, and she managed to turn me back into a real, live, honest-to-goodness dame again.

Once that happened, Lorcan let me borrow his last name, like the real sheik of a fella he is.

Not only am I learning to be alive again, and one hundred years after the first time I tried my hand at it, but it’s looking like I gotta find me a job, so I can start earning some cabbage of my own.

Life ain’t too ritzy when you’re on the nut, if you know what I mean…

After medium, Bailey, sets me up with an interview with the big cheese of Spook Society, owing to my otherworldly connection to spooks; imagine my surprise when that hard-boiled bossman hires me right on the spot!

But it quickly turns out this gig ain’t the duck’s quack I thought it was gonna be.

Why? Because I’ve been hired to let some uptight, flat-tire of a copper named Cain Morgan possess me so he can finish working a case that got stalled when he got bumped off a year or so ago.

As if that weren’t enough to ruin a broad’s day, guess what? There’s more.

This case I gotta work with Cain; it’s a murder case—a double one. And that no good perp is still out there!

I ain’t about to risk my second life (after the first one ended so tragic), but it’s looking like I also ain’t got much of a choice.

Ya savvy?