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Haven Hollow #22

(Spook Society)

I got me a date with Death…

When Marty Zack shows up at my office at Spook Society, asking for my help, I dunno what to think.

See, Marty and me… well, we’re at cross purposes when it comes to ghosties—I like to help the dead move on at their own speed, and Marty’s more like an uptight landlord kicking them to the curb.

So, when Marty tells me the spooks of Haven Hollow have been disappearing for no good reason, and he needs my help to find out why, I gotta wonder what in the heck is going on.

With the deceased Cain Morgan at my side (actually, it’s more fittin’ to say—he’s inside my head), we start investigating this perplexing case.

And soon, I find myself at Death’s door—literally.

Death has come to Haven Hollow, and it seems he’s gone sweet on yours truly!